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Education is an effective key for a brighter future. However, it becomes challenging to achieve when families have unstable income and disaster strikes. Others can’t afford the tuition fees while some areas don’t have a nearby school. These underlying issues lead to millions of youth that are out of school. We cannot underestimate this problem because if it continues to prevail, how can the society survive and fix it when it becomes worse?

Children should receive tools that will help them succeed in their dreams. Regardless of the amount that sponsors can give, it can help 100 kids receive a quality education that will mold their future. It is exciting to imagine that the upcoming leaders of our country may come from this well-deserved group of beneficiaries.

We can only let it happen if we give our support and motivation so that they won’t lose hope no matter what calamities are trying to control them. No one can stop them as long as we focus on helping them as they also give their best. Let us help them achieve their dream career by giving them the tools they need such as education, training, and literacy activities. Nothing is impossible if we hold hands together to bring them hope and opportunities.