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Our country is facing a lot of challenges that prevent rural youth from achieving a quality life. Our economy and government are seeking human resources from this group. They make up half of the population of the country which could be enough to sustain the growing demand of workforce to address our industry’s problems. But how can it happen when they lack education, and their skills are not developed?

Sadly, education and skills development are just accessible for just a few. Those families with bigger income mostly acquire it. This unequal access to opportunity hinders them to adapt to the advancement of technology and industry. As a resolution, literacy programs should be created to train them and boost what they already have. Having accessible technological tools can also be helpful for them to become innovative citizens.

Building of entrepreneurship and e-commerce programs, developing their communication skills, incentivizing colleges to accommodate them, and many projects that will empower them to become competitive in the business world. These opportunities that we can create for them will not only mold their professional development but can also help the industry grow. Let us empower them to make them a better learner who is ready to lift the country so there will be no more poverty to hinder us from attaining success.