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Because of poverty, children were the most impacted group of people. The lack of proper nutrition that they can get from foods can result in weak growth and health that can affect their cognitive abilities. It is one of the major problems of our society, and therefore, we must take action. Furthermore, they also lack access to pediatric health care.

Through preventative medical care services and feeding them, they can avoid the risk of malnutrition. They should also be provided with food supplementation to boost their health and support their growth. With early detection of their health issues, they can get the proper treatment before their condition becomes worse. Improper nutrition and health can impact their performance and hinder them to gain work opportunities when they reach adulthood. Therefore, as early as now, specific feeding programs and preventative measures should be conducted.

We must take note that nutrition has a lifelong impact on each person. Well-nourished children can participate in learning activities and contribute to their communities. Every day, the number of unfed kids are growing, and it starts during the infancy period. It is, therefore, essential to target this problem at its critical period by promoting breastfeeding, providing appropriate complementary feeding, and addressing nutrient deficiencies. In this way, any health issue that may arise is controlled before it becomes unstoppable.