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We all dream to see our kids as great leaders in the future. But this ambition can only happen if we help those who are deserving to receive accessible education. Many underprivileged communities had been aiming for it, but poverty and lack of sustainable income hinder them to prioritize it. Parents are more focused on earning for a living to feed their family. Because of this fact, the rights of their children to study are violated without their awareness.

Aside from giving free education, let us also make sure that the literacy programs are accessible for them. It should be an offer that won’t require them to travel or spend extra for them to avail this chance. We should be aware that most of these children live in areas where there is limited transportation, scarce foods, and lack of schools. We need to fill the gap of quality education between these underprivileged people by mentoring, tutoring, giving them free snacks, and many heroic deeds to lift them and help them survive.

If we show how passionate we are with our mission, it will encourage the parents to let these children avail the gift of education. We can teach them that it is their weapon to succeed in the future so they can contribute to their communities as well.