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Shelter is one of the basic needs that every family should have. However, not all individuals are given the opportunity to live in a safe and comfortable home. If there are no relatives to help them experience this necessity, then we must act to let them feel that we care. It is a lifetime gift that we can give them. It doesn’t matter if we don’t know these people. What is important is that we were able to combat the country’s growing problem when it comes to homelessness. In that way, we lift each other while we also succeed on our journey.

Through the street outreach services, we can engage with homeless individuals and give hope to youth and children. Furthermore, we also need long-term supportive services to ensure that we provide their needs for them to live a quality life. We should think that homelessness is not endless as long as we continue to provide emergency assistance, build infrastructures, offer transitional housing, and operate drop-in centers 24/7.

We should be aware that these population of people living in the streets are also at risk to suffer from violence especially those helpless women, elders, and children. Let us build a better future for them so that the upcoming generation won’t experience the same way. Time is running so fast, so the better way to start is now!