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Let us open our eyes for us to see that many countries around the world are experiencing a tremendous problem with child labor. Because of extreme poverty, children are forced, and sometimes require themselves, to work to sustain not just their personal needs but their family’s welfare as well. Instead of going to school and exercise their rights, they are exposed to an unsafe environment that influences their behavior and perspective in life. They were not given options to express what they want or experience comfortable living.

If this problem is not resolved, we will be expecting another generation of children that need to work to earn for a living at an early age. Paint a big picture of the future if this tragic condition continues to immense. This situation will continue to evolve and become endless. It will not only impact those poor children but the future communities who will reap the product of the current situation as well.

For them to escape poverty and child labor, we have to create an accessible education for kids and give their families livelihood programs. Their parents should not only receive micro-finance help, but they must also be taught on how to manage finances, enhance their skills, and start saving. It is worth noting that every support that we can offer can have a significant impact on their overall living.