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Dogs’ rights are easily neglected, and this fact is seen on the streets where these stray animals wander. Some people fear to adopt them because they carry rabies. They got it from poor sanitation on the surroundings where they live. They feed themselves with rubbish from the wastes they get from households. They are exposed to garbage which can be detrimental to their health. Like humans, they need help and care as well. Their breed is increasing, and they could also spread diseases to other dogs if they continue living this way.

We, humans, are responsible for giving them shelter, food, and health care. In every deed that we do to help them, we are also saving the other population of canines who are prone to diseases and contamination. Through funded sterilization, hundreds of them can receive quality care. Furthermore, we can also ensure that the streets where people are free to wander are safe, clean, and peaceful.

Educating the community and making them aware of the importance of caring these animals is also another act to promote and implement. It is easy to develop a project but implementing it could be hard if there is no support from groups that are capable of helping. So, let us make a difference by extending our hand and be an example so others will join, too!