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As the world is getting advanced, we have also noticed that there are still significant groups of children who have been left behind by this improvement. Some of the reasons why chances seem so difficult to achieve are poverty, lack of education, unstable jobs, limited government assistance, child labor, and exploitation. Not yet to mention that some schools from far away locations, especially in remote areas, can’t even receive enough support to provide books, computers, teaching materials, and an additional number of teachers.

We should take note that schools are crucial in molding a child’s education. This right should not only be experienced by a few students, but it should also be accessible to everyone regardless of their status in life. Sadly, it has been a significant problem of the country for decades. How can we motivate our children to build and achieve their dream if they don’t even receive the adequate support that they need?

Donating books, refurbished computers, and school supplies are just a few of the deeds that we can show to encourage them to focus on their studies. Volunteers are also always welcome to share their time and effort to teach and mentor children. Implementing and promoting quality education doesn’t need to be complicated if we are all sensitive to the real situation and current issues that we are facing.