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We should take note that orphan people have a few opportunities for achieving a bright future. No matter they strive at their best, homelessness can still hinder them to pursue what they want in life. We should also keep in mind that it is easy for others to violate their rights if they live on the streets. They are at high risk of experiencing violence, leading them to commit illegal activities that can make their lives more miserable. Letting them on their current situation will only worsen the problem, and we must admit that we should care because everyone will also be impacted.

As an excellent resolution to save them from homelessness, various projects that would bring them benefits should be created. Funding for a safe home, giving them nutritious foods, offering them training and education to enrich their skills, and delivering accessible and affordable health care system are just a few of the programs that we can think of to help them escape from life’s miseries. Showing them our care and compassion can convince them to leave the streets and continue to live life on a safe and comfortable home.

It is worth noting that anybody can be a leader as long as you care for others without waiting for any return. We all dream to make the world a better place, but this thought should not stop as a dream only. We need to take action!