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The use of computers and access to technology are not a luxury anymore. It is becoming a necessity that every child should also experience. It can help them in their education which they can bring as they strive for improvement. The availability of this equipment can make the community well-prepared and adaptive as our world continues to be more innovative.

As early as the child learn how to navigate the computer, it can hone his skills which he can use regardless of the profession that he may want to take in the future. However, not all kids are lucky to avail this opportunity. Those low-income families would prioritize their finances for housing, food, and utility bills than buy their children computers that they can use in their studies.

If we want to bridge the gap between technology and their status of living, we have to go hand in hand and help them prosper. Donating computers will allow them to receive long-term support when it comes to their education until the time that they become independent to earn a living. Those refurbished computers that we took for granted can go far and can save the education of many children. Our simple ways of helping can give them a lifetime learning that is so priceless.