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The world has an increasing number of children who lost their parents at an early age. We are expecting this crisis to jump to million in the upcoming years. If it continues to prevail without addressing this issue, it can worsen the problem that would undoubtedly impact the significant population of children. We are already aware that many parents have a weak capacity to sustain their family’s needs, and when death occurs, life would be more miserable for the children they left.

Many existing programs are created to give kids hope to live, but we also need to ensure that they are accessible even to areas where there is a scarce help provided. We need to strengthen and expand these projects in the form of education. Orphans are most likely to withdraw their studies if their parents die due to illness. They, instead, prefer to work to live.

We can still do something to address this issue. Let us stand to be their parent who can guide them by making education free and accessible to them. Offer them a free meal, so they don’t have to worry about feeding themselves. When their stomach is full, they can participate in activities and focus on learning. Funds provided can also be a great help to give them allowances, skills development training, and emotional and psychosocial care they need so they stay motivated to succeed.