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When crisis and calamities strike, there is a big chance that kids withdraw their studies. Aside from this tragic situation, the cost and expenses of going to school every day is also a struggle when their parents have enough or low income to feed their family. For households who have no stable job and in the level of poverty, getting an education would be their last priority and it hurts to say that some may treat it as a luxury.

It is painful to think, but we can say that quality education is sometimes accessible to those who have money. Let us change this perspective because there is always hope as long as we have the compassion to help our kids and give them a bright future. Remember that your contribution can bring a lifetime impact to the lives of many whom you may not know personally but would stay grateful as long as they live.

These underprivileged children need support that will enable them to access education despite their status in life. Every penny is worth it because it can be the reason why we have successful leaders in the coming future. It will also protect a child against discrimination, violence, and exploitation. Every single centavo you spent will always go far from beyond!